Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch - Dartmoor Secret Room

There is a mysterious switch in the library of the mansion in the Dartmoor mission in Hitman 3. When you first encounter it, you probably won’t be able to activate it – a special item is required. Once you have it, it’ll give you access to a secret room with a vital clue that can change the course of your murder mystery investigation. If you’re wondering what it is that you need, and where to find it, our Hitman 3 mysterious switch guide will show you.

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hitman 3 mysterious switch dartmoor secret room
Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch – Dartmoor Secret Room

How to activate mysterious switch?

First off, you’ll need a crowbar. You can get one from a crate next to the grocery van on the east side of the mansion. Once you’ve got it, go inside and head up the stairs to level 1.

Head to Emma & Gregory’s room and use the crowbar to open the door. Turn right immediately and you’ll spot a walking cane against the dresser. Pick it up – that’s your key.

Now all you have to do is head to the library, pull out the stick and use it on the mysterious switch. The bookshelf will slide away, revealing a secret room behind it.

It’s a hidey hole of sorts, with peep holes looking into the adjacent halls. But there’s also an item of note there – it’s an unopened letter from Montgomery, in which he renounces his fortune and reveals his plan to marry a common girl. It’s just one of a sea of clues for the murder mystery, but it opens up some new possibilities for the investigation.

Plus, it’s a great place to hide in case you alert the security for any reason – nobody knows about the room so they can’t search it, and you’ve got your own primitive surveillance system inside. What more can you wish for?

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    Sammy Dee

    You need to find the Walking Cane in one of the locked bedrooms on the second floor of the mansion. This will open the secret door in the library. 3 secret rooms in total in the mansion.

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