Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business - Where to Place Banana

Where to place banana in Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business is one of many questions you’ll have to figure out on your way to completing the challenge and getting the Keep Your Eyes Peeled trophy. Of course, before you can do that, you have to hop through a number of metaphorical flaming hoops in order to get Keep Your Eyes Peeled achievemebt and Flying Monkey Business. Make no mistake, it’s no cakewalk. Here’s our Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business – Where to Place Banana guide to hopefully help you out.

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hitman 3 flying monkey business where to place banana
Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business – Where to Place Banana

Where to Place Banana in Flying Monkey Business Hitman 3 Challenge?

To complete Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business, you have to place the banana at a very specific spot at one of the evacuation exits. We’ll show you where exactly in a bit. There’s a lot to do before we get there. Start the mission normally, in the Atrium. Head up the stairs, then go right. Walk past the wide staircase on your right, the one flanked by two guards, and go into the corridor on the right, just after the stairs. Subdue one of the guards in white, and grab their uniform. Then, double back to the wide staircase, climb up it, and walk onto the balcony. Head left and into the security room. In there, pick up the banana on the desk, then take the evacuation keycard from the safe on the left (code 6927).

Now that that’s done, head back and up the blue stairs on your right, next to the “Security” plaque. On your left, there will be two guards that will try and stop you. Eliminate them quietly, and take one of their uniforms. Head up the stairs on their left, and then head straight forward, up another flight of stairs. Follow the path into the penthouse area. Now, you have to use the keycard on two card readers. One is on the lower level, next to the parachutes, and the second one is on the wall just up the stairs from the parachutes.

Almost there. Exit the penthouse through the doorway you entered through, then head down the path on the left. Exit through the door, and take out the window cleaner on the left. Ideally, hide the body. Then, put the banana to the right of the parachutes. Check out the image below to see exactly where you need to put it. Get it wrong by one inch, and it’ll fail. It’s enough for one of your targets to slip and fall on the banana to complete Flying Monkey Business in Hitman 3, and for the Keep Your Eyes Peeled trophy to pop. They don’t have to die from it.

where to put banana hitman 3 flying monkey business keep your eyes peeled
Put the banana in this exact place
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