Hitman 3 Icarus Challenge

Icarus is one of the challenges in the Dubai mission in Hitman 3. In order to complete it, you have to use the giant sun in the art installation to kill Marcus Stuyvesant. You need to be quick about it, in order to get things set up before he arrives. If you’re having trouble completing it, our Hitman 3 Icarus challenge guide will show you what to do.

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hitman 3 icarus challenge
Hitman 3 Icarus Challenge

How to complete Icarus challenge?

As soon as you hit the floor, head into the control room by the art installation. You can get there by going up the stairs on the left in the lobby, then through the staff only door in the blue wall and up the stairs.

Grab the crowbar from the crate on the left, then use it to open the fuse box on the right. Take the fuse out, then head to the installation. There’s a staff door to the right of the sun – go through it and head left, then up the ladder. Insert the fuse into the fuse box found there.

Now head down the ladder and up the stairs to the console. All you have to do is wait for Marcus Stuyvesant to approach the art piece, then push the button to override the safe zone and fry him.

It counts as an accident kill, so nobody will suspect you of being the one behind it. There’s a wall between you and the crime scene, too, which makes it easy to walk away from there without arousing suspicion.

Dealing with Carl Ingram won’t be as easy – he has two bodyguards that follow him around at all times, which makes approaching him much harder. However, if you’re into the hands-off stuff, you can use an explosive golf ball to blow him up from a distance.

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