Hitman 3 Greenhouse Key Location

Greenhouse key is an item in Hitman 3. It appears in Dartmoor, and allows you to enter the greenhouse at Thornbridge manor without risking being seen breaking or picking the lock. Since the area around the greenhouse is crowded, it’s probably the best way to get inside. However, finding it can be a problem. That’s why we’ve written this guide, to show you Hitman 3 greenhouse key location.

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hitman 3 greenhouse key location
Hitman 3 Greenhouse Key Location

Where to find greenhouse key?

If you just want to get into the greenhouse as soon as possible, you can just grab a crowbar from the crate behind the building and break the lock. Or you can pick it, provided you’ve started the mission with a lockpick in your pocket. You can also use the master key found in Mr Fernby’s office.

If you really want the greenhouse key itself, you’ll need to pay Emma a visit. If you’ve explored Emma & Gregory’s bedroom, you may have found the keychain from the greenhouse key, which implies one of them has it.

It turns out it’s Emma. You’ll find her in the salon – the huge room on the groundfloor, overlooking the garden. She paces around nervously, engaging in conversation with Gregory from time to time.

Since Gregory is rooted to the couch, and there are two guards by the door, you’ll have to wait until she approaches the window. She’ll be out of sight of the others, so you can safely subdue her here and grab the key she drops.

Once you have the key, you’ll be able to enter the greenhouse in peace. There’s all kinds of exotic plants inside, some of which can even be used to prepare a deadly poison – which is interesting both from the point of view of the assassin, and the investigator. There’s also a boat key in there, which unlocks an additional exit point.

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