Hitman 3 Scrap Sword

Scrap Sword in Hitman 3 is a weapon that you can find in the game in the Berlin mission, if you look in a particular nook in the level. The Scrap Sword is exactly what it says it is – a rusted piece of sharp metal that looks like it’s straight out of a Mad Max movie. Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s an awesome-looking weapon. It doesn’t do anything in particular, as far as we can see, but still. That said, finding the H3 scrap sword is no easy feat, since it’s really well-hidden. That’s why we’ve put together our Hitman 3 Scrap Sword guide to help you out.

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hitman 3 scrap sword
Hitman 3 Scrap Sword

Where to Find Scrap Sword Hitman 3 Location?

To find the Scrap Sword in Hitman 3, you’ll have to look in Berlin. Specifically, you’ll have to go to the juice bar area, where Agent Swan can sometimes be found. For more info on said agents, by the way, you can check out our Berlin – Apex Predator – ICA Agents Locations guide. You can see the exact “starting” location in the images below. Anyways, leave Swan alone for now, we don’t want to cause a ruckus just yet. Instead, open the map and make note of the three rectangles to the right of the Juice Bar. That’s where we’re going.

So, head to the right of the Juice Bar, and stop when you reach the ditch. Once you’re there, the next step to getting the Scrap Sword in Hitman 3 is to go left. There are several tanks in a row here. Go to the last one. It has the word “Tape” graffitied on it. As soon as you see it, hang a left, between the two tanks. In the left corner, you’ll see a small heap of trash. That’s where the Scrap Sword is. Again, check out the image below to see the exact location.

how to get hitman 3 scrap sword
The Scrap Sword is among the trash

That about wraps it up, that’s where you find the Hitman 3 Scrap Sword. I’m not sure if it’s a reference to something in particular, or just a mean-looking rusty junk-sword for the sake of having one. One thing’s for certain; you can definitely use it to mess someone up bad. If the stabbing doesn’t kill them, the ensuing infection most certainly will.

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