Hitman 3 Helicopter Key in Dubai - Rotor Ready

Helicopter Key in Dubai in Hitman 3 is a method of leaving the mission in the game, and it also completes the Rotor Ready challenge. Plus, if you continue on this path, you can even earn the Rotor Man challenge. It all hinges on you figuring out where to find the helicopter key location in Dubai. We’ll be covering all of that stuff in our Hitman 3 Helicopter Key in Dubai – Rotor Ready guide.

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hitman 3 helicopter key in dubai rotor ready
Hitman 3 Helicopter Key in Dubai – Rotor Ready

How to Get Dubai Helicopter Key – Hitman 3 Rotor Ready Challenge

To get the Hitman 3 Dubai helicopter key and complete the Rotor Ready challenge, there are two ways you can try. The first one is arguably much simpler, so let’s cover that one first. Start the mission at the Atrium, as normal. Head up the stairs, and towards the crowd. Head to the right, up the stairs towards the giant golden leaves, then right again, up the next flight of stairs. Go to the left into the garden area and onto the triangular balcony.

Hop over the railing on the right, and, once you’re hanging over the abyss, go left. Clamber over to the catwalk, then the lift. Once on it, use your camera to hack the window open. Hop into the room, and go left and up the stairs, then through the glass door. Go left and onto the jutting catwalk. That’s where you’ll find the helicopter key on the ground, and unlock the Rotor Ready challenge. Now, head up the ladders, onto the helipad, take out the pilot, and be on your way. If you take the pilot’s clothes, it completes the Rotor Man challenge.

The other method requires you to get the black uniform with the red beret. Go the same direction from the Atrium, but instead of going left into the garden, go right and up the stairs, between the two guards. Go up the stairs on the left, and you’ll see two guards dressed like you. Walk between them, and turn right, towards the red leaves. Climb up them to the level above, and turn left. Walk through the glass doors, then turn right. Boom, there’s the helipad. All you have to do now is find the ladders leading down to the catwalk below, where the key is.

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