Hitman 3 Herr Ziegler Plus One Challenge

Herr Ziegler Plus One is one of the challenges in the Berlin mission in Hitman 3. The description states you should get your name on the guest list for the party if you want to complete it, but it offers no further help. It’s actually super easy and can be finished in mere seconds. Best of all, it won’t prevent you from completing other challenges in the same run. If you’re wondering how to do it, our Hitman 3 Herr Ziegler Plus One challenge guide will help you.

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hitman 3 herr ziegler plus one
Hitman 3 Herr Ziegler Plus One Challenge

How to get your name on the guest list?

First off, you’ll need to find Herr Zielger. Go to the warehouse’s main entrance – if you don’t know where to look, just follow the ridiculously long line of people waiting to get in. Once you’re at the door, look to the right. You’ll see a guy in the parking lot.

Approach him, and he’ll start talking about the allergy pills he lost. If you help him get his medicine, he’s willing to get you into the party as his plus one. He’ll tell you the pill bottle is in the basket of his green bicycle, which he lost. It’s best not to dwell on how one loses an entire bicycle.

If you look across the parking lot and away from the warehouse (to the south), you might notice a few bathtubs behind the row of cars. Approach them and you’ll see a lime green bike propped up against one of them. The basket hanging from the handlebar will contain the bottle of allergy medicine you’re looking for.

Bring it back to the distraught man, and he’ll hold up his end of the bargain. Follow him to the entrance, then stand next to him in the line while he talks to the bouncers. The challenge will be completed as the conversation ends, and you’ll be allowed inside.

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  1. J
    Joshua White

    I’ve restarted the mission countless times but he doesn’t talk about anything. He just walks around, and I can’t give him the pills or anything.

    1. O
      Otto Gammelby

      I think you have to do it with the bus stop starting point

      1. J
        Jarrod Beach

        I just restarted mine and chose the bus stop starting point and walked all the way back to the club. 8 minutes in…I have the pills but he still hasn’t said anything.

        And before you say I shouldn’t grab the pills until afterward…..7 minutes went by and he still said nothing before I grabbed them

  2. J
    Jarrod Beach

    Ok after restarting the level several times and a lot of troubleshooting. I figured out how to get it to work…this is confirmed for XBOX.

    Close your game, and then press the menu button on Hitman 3, go down to manage game, then go to save data, delete the RESERVE not that actual save data, but the RESERVE. I cleared mine…started the game up and Here Ziegler made his phone call about the allergy pills.

    I hope this helps

  3. S
    Some dude

    u MUST KILL the first agent on the way dont just run past to try to trigger phone call

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