Hitman 3 Impactful Art Challenge

Impactful Art is one of the Dubai challenges in Hitman 3. It requires you to kill both targets with a single chandelier. This can be quite tricky, since you have to get them both in the same place at once, then make sure you time the drop correctly, so neither of them moves away. If you’re having trouble completing it, our Hitman 3 Impactful Art challenge guide will help you.

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hitman 3 impactful art challenge
Hitman 3 Impactful Art Challenge

How to kill both targets with a single chandelier?

In order to start the process, you should follow the How the Might Fall story mission. A lot of it overlaps with this challenge, so the markers will be useful.

Once you get to the server room on Level 3, don’t interact with the console yet. Instead, head out into the maintenance corridor and smack the worker farther away from you – the one who isn’t on the phone. He’ll drop a server keycard. Grab it and head back to the server room.

When you approach the terminal, a card reader will appear from the floor. Swipe the card, then mess with the rack in the far right corner. This will disable the silent alarm, saving you from a bunch of trouble down the line. Then use the terminal to do your thing.

Once that is done, head up to the penthouse (level 5). Go to the balcony overlooking the lounge and wait for the meeting to start. If you’re interested in hearing the whole conversation, we suggest you save beforehand. It can be hard to hit them both if you wait for the convo to end – so listen to it, then load the game and drop the chandelier while they’re still talking. That way, you’re guaranteed to hit them both.

If you can’t find the winch for the chandelier, you can use your pistol to shoot it down – just make sure it’s the silenced one, or you’ll attract undue attention.

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