Hitman 3 Vertical Approach Challenge

Vertical Approach challenge in Hitman 3 is a challenge that you can complete in Dubai by eliminating Marcus Stuyvesant by pushing, dumping, or pulling him over a ledge or railing. This, of course, is easier said than done. To perform Vertical Approach in Hitman 3 successfully, there’s a number of things you have to contend with. This includes eliminating several targets, finding the right papers, and more. If you’re stuck on this challenge, then our Hitman 3 Vertical Approach Challenge guide is the right place for you.

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hitman 3 vertical approach challenge
Hitman 3 Vertical Approach Challenge

How to Complete Vertical Approach Challenge in Hitman 3?

To complete the Vertical Approach challenge in Hitman 3 in Dubai, you have to eliminate Marcus Stuyvesant by pushing, dumping, or pulling him over a ledge or railing. To do so, the first step is to make your way to the Changing Room at Level 0, near the kitchen and relatively close to the Staff Meeting Room. Your target is Marcus’s replacement bodyguard. Once inside the Changing Room, aka the locker room, subdue both the replacement bodyguard and the staff member, and hide their bodies. Make sure to pick up the Transfer Papers from one of the benches.

The next step towards doing the Hitman 3 Vertical Approach challenge is to head to the Security Office on Level 2. Once you get there, wait for Mr. Stuyvesant to arrive. Speak with him and tell him that you’re his new bodyguard. When he asks you for your papers, give him the ones you picked up back in the locker room. Follow Marcus as he explains the job, and he’ll lead you to a target range. You’ll have to hit targets by throwing knives. Make sure to hit them all, and Marcus will come close to a ledge, admiring your skills.

You’re now at the last step of the Vertical Approach challenge in Hitman 3. Since you have Marcus at the edge of a big fall, and he immediately trusts you, he’s as good as dead. Approach him from behind and shove him to his doom. Mind you, there will be a guard that’ll raise some objections. Make sure to take him out before he becomes too big of a nuisance, then go on with your life.

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