Horde Mode - Aliens Fireteam Elite

Aliens Fireteam Elite horde mode is a special mode that you can unlock in the game. It pits you against waves of ever more powerful enemies and grants you rewards for your troubles. You can get some pretty darn good loot this way. So, of course, people want to know how to get horde mode as soon as possible. Well, we’ll be showing you how to unlock it in this guide.

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horde mode aliens fireteam elite
Horde Mode – Aliens Fireteam Elite

How to Unlock Horde Mode in Aliens Fireteam Elite

To unlock Aliens Fireteam Elite horde mode, you need to complete all the campaign missions in the game. In case you’re new and just starting to play, there are four campaigns in the game: Priority One, Giants In The Earth, The Gift Of Fire, and The Only Way To Be Sure. Each of these are basically chapters of the story, and every one of them is divided into three levels. You have to battle your way through the whole thing, and at the end, you’ll get access to horde mode. Incidentally, this is also how you unlock the secret Recon class. For more info on that, check out our Secret Recon Class Aliens Fireteam Elite guide. Like with Recon, you can unlock the horde mode by playing through the campaign on any difficulty.

Now a bit of info on the horde mode. It’s basically the same as in pretty much every game. You have to battle through ever-escalating waves of monsters and earning loot on the way. In the Aliens Fireteam Elite horde mode, you can earn better stuff by playing on higher difficulty levels. Speaking of, you can unlock Extreme and Insane difficulty by playing through the campaign, even on Casual. So, if you want to start farming Horde mode on high difficulties as soon as possible, just plough through the campaign on the lowest setting. The Recon class is gonna help a lot, as it has abilities that are invaluable above Normal. That is, if you can even get into a game properly, as we cover in our Public Matchmaking – Cannot Join Game Error and Searching for Players to Join – Can’t Find Players Error guides.

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