Madden 22 Glitch - Franchise Mode Final Score Bug Fix

The Madden 22 Franchise Mode Final Score bug has been causing a lot of problems for players who want to know how to fix the glitch. After all, what’s the point in playing a mode near perfectly just for the game to cheat you out of a victory by changing the score randomly? It’s a pretty bad one, and we’ll show you what you can try to do about it in our Madden 22 Glitch – Franchise Mode Final Score Bug Fix guide.

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madden 22 glitch franchise mode final score bug fix
Madden 22 Glitch – Franchise Mode Final Score Bug Fix

Franchise Final Score Bug Fix – Madden 22 Glitch

To fix the Madden 22 Franchise Final Score bug, there a few things you can try. These come directly from the EA Help Twitter account, so you know they’re at least worth a try. The first thing you can do is navigate to Customize > Share and Manage Files > Load and Delete Files, which brings up the game’s file list. All you need to do at that point is delete all the files under Profile and Roster. Another thing you should try is resetting your router by unplugging it in the back, leaving it for at least two minutes, and then re-plugging it.

Last, and debatably the least, some people have reported that deleting saved data from the console has also worked. However, the post does continue to say: “Unfortunately, there are no current fixes for this unless you are using an external HDD for the game install and saves.” Those are all the ways that you can fix the Madden 22 Franchise Final Score glitch. Fortunately, at least the developers are aware of the situation and are working on a solution. Hopefully they’ll be able to root the bug out, and soon.

Madden 22 launched on August 22nd, and you can play it on PC, Stadia, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PlayStation 4 and 5. However, it’s currently encountering a lot of pretty bad bugs like this one, and is basically the same game as the last one. So, yeah, just be careful how you spend your money.

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  1. L
    Lewis Alvon Hoskins

    So if I buy an external hdd, it will remove the final score glitch? Has this been tested?

    1. L
      Lewis Alvon Hoskins

      I’ve already installed the game from the PlayStation Store would I have to delete it and reinstall it on the hard drive or can I just transferred from my internal storage to the hard drive? Thank you

    2. A

      This doesnt work. My games already on an external hard drive and I get this glitch.

      1. J

        I tried to request a refund from Xbox because of this glitch. Was denied because they won’t let you return a digital copy you’ve played. Now I’m stuck with a game that doesn’t even work

        1. S

          Madden would have to ok the refunds. Just like when cyberpunk ok’d it and xbox and ps4 refunded the games. I would imagine a lawsuit would lean heavily in the consumers favor but who’s going to go through this process. Hope for a patch and NEVER buy madden again

  2. A
    Austin Johnson

    I’ve been playing Madden Since genesis and this is ridiculous… I have a PS4, and there is no major changes to the game that would even consider this to be a new game… It’s jus a remix that they failed at… I won’t be buying another Madden game ever again.

  3. B

    I hate madden so much and yet Is till play it ):

  4. P

    My first Madden purchase in 6 years. Previously walked away because of glitches and Madden neglecting Franchise Mode and going all in on online play and micro purchases. I see nothing has changed. I consider the $60 I spent as a penalty to myself for thinking they’ve put effort into their product. Lesson learned.

  5. R

    I’ve played Madden since the Super Nintendo days. This is EA’s worst attempt at Franchise Mode. The fact that most people play franchise mode to make their own history, and you can’t correctly save your progress, makes this one useless. I’ve always looked past the announcers announcing the wrong team or the occasional guy stuck while everyone else moves, but messing with the save function is the worst thing for franchise mode since it takes so long to build the perfect team before even playing a game.

  6. R
    Rigo segura

    Just switch jerseys for both teams before game and you should be good. I’m already into game 6 of the season and no score glitch.

  7. J
    James Uhlinger

    I wanted to lengthen the time on the quarter from the preset 6 minutes to 12 so I exited franchise mode and changed it in settings but it didn’t change it from 6 minutes when I went back to play a game in franchise mode-don’t know if anyone has had that problem or even better has a solution

  8. B

    Where is the Customize thing located on the game? I can’t seem to find it

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