Hot Wheels Park Tour Forza Horizon 5

The Hot Wheels Park Tour Forza Horizon 5 mission is causing a bit of trouble for some players, so we’ll show you how to complete it in this guide. The most difficult part of the whole thing is figuring out where to begin the mission in Forest Falls, since making that step trigger is pretty finicky. With that said, we’re done with introductions, so let’s dive in.

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hot wheels park tour forza horizon 5
Hot Wheels Park Tour Forza Horizon 5

How to Complete Hot Wheels Park Tour Forza Horizon 5

To complete the Forza Horizon 5 Park Tour mission in the Hot Wheels DLC, you need to drive an “A” class car from Forest Falls, through Giant’s Canyon and into The Ice Cauldron in under dour minutes. To begin it, go into Hot Wheels Academy Pro Rank, then select Major Missions. Find the Park Tour in the list and select it. This will pin the mission for you.

Now it’s time to fast travel into Forest Falls. The trick is to begin in a place that’s as close as possible to Giant’s Canyon, which is in the southeast, while still triggering the Forest Falls check mark. This, in turn, will require you to be either close to the ground or the waterfalls themselves. If you’re too far up in the air, it will not trigger. We managed to trigger this part of the Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Park Tour mission in the location shown below.

how to complete hot wheels park tour forza horizon 5
Start around here

Once that happens, gun it to the southeast and into Giant’s Canyon. This shouldn’t be that much of a problem. For us, the check mark triggered at the location shown in the screenshot below. From there, race to the west and into the land of ice and fire, aka The Ice Cauldron. The final step of the mission should complete as soon as you cross the chasm into the final zone. It might take you a few tries to get it all correctly, but you should be fine.

forza horizon 5 park tour hot wheels
The Giant’s Chasm step should complete here
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