How to Get Aya - Warframe Aya Farm

If you are wondering how to get Aya in Warframe, it has a number of solutions, but the simplest is to set up a good old fashioned Aya farm. This currency has arrived as part of the ten weeklong resurgence event. Taking part will let you get prepared for the New War when the event ends. If you want to know how to get Aya, we can help. Read on as we discuss how to farm Aya in Warframe.

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How to Get Aya - Warframe Aya Farm
How to Get Aya – Warframe Aya Farm

The new Warframe Prime Resurgence event has introduced Aya into the mix. This will allow you to trade with new characters. Primarily, this is Varzia in Maroo’s Bazaar. You can trade it for rare prime relics. However, it is not easy to come by.

There are four ways to get Aya. The easiest place to get it is by running missions in the void. A capture mission is a great way to start. Though it may get a little tedious, you can run these missions and spam them to get the Aya you need.

One recommendation is to run “Cull the Ghouls”. Here, you will see there are fewer rewards in the pool. Do a speed run then once you get it, you can extract. If not, you can either leave or finish. On average you should get one every three to five minutes.

You can also earn it by running bounties. These can take place on several planets. Relic packs from the in-game market could also have Aya in them. However, this is down to chance. Aya is not guaranteed to be included in the packs. This is the same with syndicate packs from relic offerings. They are also random, and Aya may or may not be in them.

It is worth noting there is also another currency called Real Aya. This is a premium level currency. You need to purchase it with your own money, so you can’t win it in the game.

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