Shock Chain Halo Infinite - How Shock Chain Works

Much to the delight of players all around the world, Halo Infinite’s Beta has been released. PC and Xbox players are now able to enjoy the multiplayer part of the game, while the single-player campaign will be arriving in December. And while several issues have cropped up in the meantime, such as Challenges not working like they should, and DirectX 12 errors, this hasn’t stopped thousands of players from enjoying the game. Of course, in order to fully enjoy any game, you need to master its gameplay systems first. Shock Chain is one of these, and many players are unsure about what they need to do to get this to work. If you are having trouble with this, our Shock Chain Halo Infinite – How Shock Chain Works guide will explain everything you need to know about it.

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Shock Chain Halo Infinite - How Shock Chain Works

How Does Shock Chain Work in Halo Infinite

To explain how to pull off a Shock Chain, we first need to define what a Shock Chain is exactly. A Shock Chain occurs when you use a shock-based weapon to kill several enemies at once. The problem is getting this just right, since enemies need to be sufficiently close together in order for the Shock Chain to take effect. As mentioned, only weapons that have a shock effect can be used to accomplish this. These weapons include Dynamo grenades, Shock Rifle, and the Disruptor.

Another thing that you will need to pay attention to if you want to truly master the Shock Chain is that this takes effect as a killing blow. So, you should first soften up enemies using other weapons before destroying them grouped together with a shock weapon to set off the Shock Chain. It may sound like a difficult thing to pull off successfully, but just like any other game mechanic – practice makes perfect.

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