How to Get Evolution Packs in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event is underway, and during it, you can get Evolution Packs in the game. These include both free and paid ones. A big patch for Apex Legends has also been released, and it has added a Town Takeover for Rampart, made balancing changes to some Legends and weapons, and other things. In this How to Get Evolution Packs in Apex Legends guide, though, we will focus just on these cosmetics, and explain what you need to do to be able to get them.

How to Get Evolution Packs in Apex Legends

How to Get All the Free Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Skins and Cosmetics

For the first free item, you won’t have to do practically anything at all. As soon as you go into the game for the first time during this event, you will earn yourselves the Evolution Music Pack. For most of the other free stuff, including several Legendary Skins, you will need to unlock them using event rewards track points. You can earn these by playing the game and completing specific event challenges. Each day, you can earn a maximum of 900 points. To unlock all 12 free items this way will require 5000 points. You should be able to earn this amount of points in about six days, provided you earn the maximum amount each day.

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The best cosmetics you can earn here include the following: the epic Lifeline Cold Compress skin, the Final Form legendary Wingman skin, and the legendary Triple Take Prime Precision skin. There are also four items that are not cosmetics, but event badges. To get the Evolution Destruction Badge, you need to deal 10.000 damage in the Battle Royale mode during this event. Similarly, the Evolution Champion Badge requires you to deal 25.000 damage in the Arenas. To get the Evolution Demolisher Badge, you will have to knock down 100 players in the Battle Royale mode. When you earn these three badges, you will automatically earn the final one – Evolution Master Badge.

How to Get All the Paid Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Skins and Cosmetics

To be able to get cosmetics such as the Aqua Flow Flatline, Master Blaster Mastiff, and Ethereal Expectations Sentinel skins, you will have to purchase Evolution Packs loot boxes. These cost 700 Apex Coins per loot box, and there are 24 cosmetics you can buy this way. If you get all of them, you will then automatically earn the Rampart Heirloom, called the Problem Solver.

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