How to Change Camera Angle NBA 2K22

The question of how to change the camera angle in NBA 2K22 seems to be giving some trouble to players, and understandably so. The camera settings do not appear in the menu you might expect them to be, such as in Features. Instead, there’s actually only one way to change the camera in any way. So, if you don’t know where it is, you might be getting a little frustrated. That’s why we’ll be showing you how to play with the camera angles in this guide.

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how to change camera angle nba 2k22
How to Change Camera Angle NBA 2K22

How to Change NBA 2K22 Camera Angle

To change the camera angle in NBA 2K22, you first need to start up a match. Any will do; you can even hop into a quick match, doesn’t really matter. Then, pause the game to get the pause menu. scroll to the right until you get to the Camera icon. Click on that, and from there, you can play with the camera angles in several different ways. For one, you can switch between various presets by pressing L1 and R1 / LB and RB. There’s also options to zoom in and out, change the height of the angle, autoflip, flip style, and more. This works on both current gen and next gen consoles, so don’t worry about which version you’re playing.

Now, you might have expected to find the camera settings in, I don’t know, the Features menu which you can access from the main screen. Nope; you have to get into a match if you want to change the camera. That’s the only method we know about when it comes to how to change the camera angle in NBA 2K22. 2K games constantly change things up from game to game, and it’s often features that were working just fine. I guess they have to give the illusion that you haven’t just bought the same game over again.

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