How to Get More Beavers – Timberborn

Timberborn is a brand-new building survival game and if you want to know how to succeed, you need to know how to get more beavers. More beavers mean more workers, and with these, you can build your thriving colony. You will begin the game with a mix of adults and children. Only the adults can work, so it’s important to raise the young quickly. Read on as we discuss how to get more beavers in Timberborn.

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How to Get More Beavers – Timberborn

How to Get More Beavers in Timberborn

Luckily, you will find that the children turn into adults fast. This also means they have limited lifespans, so managing a population in the game is crucial. Each game starts with eight adults and three children. However, maturing them to adulthood is not enough. As the adage goes, “Mo Beavers, Mo Problems”. The main consideration you will need to think about when doing this is resources.

Wood will be your main concern, so make sure you have lots of it stored up. Plenty of food and water is also essential, so keep that close by. The beavers in Timberborn should display their happiness bar when clicked on. The lower the bar, the less productive they will be. Ensuring they have food and water will keep them smiling all day long.

Each beaver family needs a hut, and even the basic ones will do. This will take 12 logs to make. These can house one male beaver, a female beaver, and their child. Make keeping this in check a priority, as little beavers can overrun the place, zapping your resources and limits.

One way to halt beavers reproducing in Timberborn is to make them sleep outside. Beavers that do not have a hut will be unhappy and won’t procreate. Use this to balance out your population between the need for growth and available resources. Sometimes you must be cruel to be kind. All of this should work if you chose the Folktails faction at the start. For anyone who chose the Iron Teeth faction, you will need to create breeding pods instead of the huts. 

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