Tales of Arise Dark Tree Blood

Dark Tree Blood is one of the most difficult and rarest crafting materials in Tales of Arise. There is exactly one enemy in the entire game which drops this, and it is found in just one location. However, you will need to get this crafting component if you want to craft the powerful Oblivion Ring. This ring is the best weapon for Rinwell. Our Tales of Arise Dark Tree Blood guide will show you where you can get this crafting resource and how to use it to create the Oblivion Ring.

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Tales of Arise Dark Tree Blood

How to Get Dark Tree Blood in Tales of Arise

This crafting component can only be found in the Otherworld. It is dropped by Illuminated Ropers after you defeat them. To be able to visit this location, you first need to complete the Another Hillside Anomaly quest. This will then open the Otherworldly Visitors quest which will lead you there. To be able to craft the Oblivion Ring you will need, among other resources, x4 Dark Tree Blood. So, battle Illuminated Ropers here until you’ve got enough of this resource to craft it. Here’s the complete list of all other crafting materials you will need in order to make it:

  • Crafting Material: x10 Mystical Luminacore. You can find this material in Tarfhal Helgarahi.
  • Crafting Material: x4 Dark Tree Blood. You can find this material in the Otherworld.
  • Crafting Material: x2 Dark Mane. You can find this material in Gegham Helgarahi.
  • Crafting Material: x2 Majestic Feather. You can find this material in Tarfhal Helgarahi.
  • Crafting Cost: 22,880 Gald.

The Oblivion Ring has the following stats:

  • Attack: 499.
  • Elemental Attack: 608.
  • Penetration: 552.

So that’s how you can craft the Oblivion Ring for Rinwell. However, that’s not the only reason why you should visit the Otherworld. You can also get the materials for other best weapons for other characters here, such as the Gloaming Crystal needed to craft the Liber Pater for Dohalim.

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