How to Get Warframe Devil Wing Ephemera

Recently, a tweet made by the official Warframe Twitter page indicated that we will be getting a new Devil Wing Ephemera cosmetic. This will probably happen during this year’s Nights of Naberus event. This Halloween-themed event was introduced in 2020, and if you participated in it, you know that you could get a bunch of free cosmetics that way – same as in most Warframe events. In this How to Get Warframe Devil Wing Ephemera guide, we will cover everything that we currently know about this upcoming event, and this bat-wing type upcoming cosmetic.

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How to Get Warframe Devil Wing Ephemera

How to Get The Devil Wing Ephemera in Warframe

While we still don’t know exactly how you will be able to get your hands on this cosmetic, we can safely hazard a guess. In all likelihood, you will be able to get this Ephemera by participating in this year’s Nights Of Naberus event. Last year, this event took place from October 15 and lasted until November 10, 2020. We can expect a similar date this year as well. The exact date will almost certainly be revealed during the Twitch Devstream on September 24th.

Judging by the Twitter photo promoting the stream, this Devil Wing Ephemera will be one of the cosmetics that the event will be focusing on. In the photo, we can clearly see the devil-bat wings protruding on both sides of the central figure. It will be interesting to see if this means that we will be getting more such wing cosmetics in the future. Wings are some of the most popular types of cosmetics in many Korean-style MMOs, and it may be that Warframe is making a push for them to be a much more important cosmetic there as well. In any case, we will see whether or not that’s the case very soon. In the meantime, happy gaming!

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