How to Parry - Kena Bridge of Spirits

Kena Bridge of Spirits has introduced a parry maneuver into the game, and many people are wondering how to execute it. When you know how, it can still be difficult to pull off. Even dedicated players are opting to use dodge instead. However, if done successfully, it can leave tough enemies wide open to attack. Read on as we give our guide on how to parry in Kena Bridge of Spirits.

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How to Parry - Kena Bridge of Spirits
How to Parry – Kena Bridge of Spirits

Kena Bridge of Spirits How to Parry

Parry attacks are in many games and defend enemy attacks while turning them into an offensive move. It is seldom easy to pull off and Kena Bridge of Spirits is no different. Done right, is very useful as you can deflect and leave your enemies wide open.

The trick is to time the move to perfection. Press L1 as an enemy launches an attack. If the shield goes up too late, then you get hit. Too early and the shield will take the damage.

A shield will change from blue to red when it is about to break. If this happens, Kena will become stunned and lose some of her health. Part of this is about knowing your enemy, and being able to see how and when they will attack.

When correctly performed, the blow will deflect. The camera will zoom into Kena and show her parrying using a spirit blast. Your enemy will be open, leaving you time to get a hit in.

You can follow this up with a special spinning attack. This involves hitting R1 after you have performed the parry. Many people are reporting that this is also difficult to time. As there is currently nowhere to practice these moves in the game, it can be frustrating as you have to try them out in combat.

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