Lost Judgment Pre-Order DLC Error Fix Ce-113228-7 & WS-116129-0

Yakuza spin-off Lost Judgment has arrived on pre-order, but many people are getting DLC Error Ce-113228-7 & WS-116129-0 and need a fix. This seems to be occurring when players try to access their pre-ordered content on PS5. Two packs were available, both the quick start and detective essentials pack. Those with early access are finding both are out of bounds. Read on as we provide a fix for Ce-113228-7 & WS-116129-0 in Lost Judgement.

Lost Judgment Pre-Order DLC Error Fix Ce-113228-7 & WS-116129-0

Lost Judgement is still playable with the DLC content. However, the extra content gives you access to a range of unique items that make the game much more enjoyable. It is also a little consolation if you already paid for the content in advance.

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How to Fix Lost Judgment Pre-Order DLC Error

There are two ways you can attempt to download the DLC pre-order content in Lost Judgment. The in-game pause menu or the main screen are both available, but one fix is to use the third method. This involves downloading it from the manage game content option.

Press the start button and bring up options. You should have two DLC packs ready to download. Install these before proceeding back to the game.

It is worth noting that after this, you then need to pick the items up in the game itself. Head to the detective agency and turn left out of the door. You will find a mailbox waiting for you to open and this will provide the content for your Lost Judgment pre-order. Alternatively, follow our handy guide below.

Unfortunately, some people are reporting that even this is not working and they are still getting the Ce-113228-7 & WS-116129-0 DLC error message. If this is the case, try restoring your license for the game. Hopefully, the problem will have been resolved by the official launch date.

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