Look For an Entry Point & Foothold - Lost Judgment Secure the Infiltration Route

The first Lost Judgment tutorial mission asks you to secure the infiltration route and look for an entry point & foothold to do so. This will get you access to the Modern Times building. Finding these markers requires the use of an active search mode. Even then, you must have a keen eye to spot the way in. Read on as we help you secure the infiltration route in Lost Judgment.

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Look For an Entry Point & Foothold - Lost Judgment Secure the Infiltration Route
Look For an Entry Point & Foothold – Lost Judgment Secure the Infiltration Route

Secure the Infiltration Route – Lost Judgment Look for an Entry Point & Foothold

When you try to enter the Modern Times building, a guard at the door will turn you away. The cutscene will show the elevator going to the fifth floor, and the guard will threaten you once more. Once he pushes you away, you must find an infiltration route with an entry point and foothold to get into the building.

For this, you need an active search mode. The operation for this will differ depending on the console you use. You move the cursor over a suspicious area, trying to find examine icons. Once you find one, you can click and see if it could be a valid way into the building.

When you start to look for an entry point in Lost Judgment, you need an open window. This should be above and left of the main entrance to the building. It will be above a large air duct on the outer of the building. Once you click, it will turn the checklist yellow telling you that you have the way in. All you now need to do is look for a foothold.

Follow the duct around to the left. This will take you down an alleyway. You can see the air vent comes close to some scaffolding. This will be the route across.

You don’t need to waste time examining the door in the alley. Follow the path round to a small yard. On the left of you will be an AC unit. This is the foothold you need. Clicking on it will show you the full route with the entry point & foothold you must traverse to secure the infiltration route.

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