How to Buy House in No Rest for the Wicked

Like in any good RPG, you can buy a house in No Rest for the Wicked. But how does one do so? Well, you have to complete a specific quest, of course, and we’ll tell you which one. But then, as it turns out, you have a choice of three houses, so what are the differences? Which one should you pick? Don’t worry, we’ll cover that in this guide, too. Let’s begin!

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how to buy house in no rest for the wicked
How to Buy House in No Rest for the Wicked

How to Buy First House in No Rest for the Wicked

To buy your first house in Sacrament in No Rest for the Wicked, you need to complete the quest called Of Rats and Raiders and defeat the boss Falstead Darak in The Black Trench. This is a part of the main story, so you can’t miss it; just keep playing through the main quests, and you’ll get there eventually. Once you do beat Farak and finish the required mission, head back into Sacrament, and you’ll have three houses to choose from – The Roost, The Homestead and The Manor. They cost 20, 25 and 30 Silver, respectively. All you need to do is interact with the sign in front of the house you want to buy and confirm your choice, then talk to Danos.

no rest for the wicked how to buy first house
Three house locations (click to zoom in)

No Rest for the Wicked House Differences

The only real difference between each house you can buy in No Rest for the Wicked is the size. By that, I mean how many things you can put in them. And considering how loot-heavy the game is, having a place where you can have a few chests along with some other cool stuff will be really handy. Personally, I’d recommend splitting the difference initially and purchasing The Homestead first. The Manor will stay available indefinitely (as far as we know), so you can buy it later on. Both of these properties are closer to the fast travel point, too, which makes them way less of a hassle than The Roost. Ultimately, the choice is yours, of course.

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