No Rest for the Wicked Storage Room Key Location

Can’t figure out where to find the location of the storage room key in No Rest of the Wicked? I truly don’t blame you. It is in a really hard-to-reach place, for one. Another issue is that said place is also really difficult to see. You can easily overlook it and lose your mind looking for the key. It’s so annoying, especially if you progress through the game in the hopes of sniffing out the dang thing. But, no, it’s right there in the Mariner’s Keep. Let’s show you where.

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no rest for the wicked storage room key location
No Rest for the Wicked Storage Room Key Location

Where to Find Storage Room Key in No Rest for the Wicked

To find the storage room key in No Rest for the Wicked, the first step is to go to the right from the first campfire and into the Mariner’s Keep through the giant hole in the wall. Head to the northwest and climb up the stairs. Immediately to the left of the top, you’ll see some wooden planks near the edge, and a platform below that you can land on. Carefully drop down to the platform, where you’ll find a corpse. Pick up the key from said dead body, then equally carefully jump into the water below. Clamber back to dry land and go south, back to the campfire we started at. Check out the screenshots below to see where the key is, or take a gander at our video at the bottom.

Okay, now that we know where the location of the storage room key is in No Rest for the Wicked, where do you actually use it? If you found this article because you ran into the locked storage room, then you know where to go next. But just in case, we’ll show you where it is. Instead of heading northwest, go northeast. If you go up just past the huge bonfire made of carts, there’s a door hidden in the darkness. That’s the storage room. Use the key to unlock it and loot everything in sight. Especially the chest, because it has a pair of pants, a recipe for Mushroom and Meat Curry, some fallen Embers and a few coins.

Storage room location
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