How to Claim PS Plus Pack FIFA 22

It’s not a secret that FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) in FIFA games is one of the most expensive gaming hobbies out there. And yet, it is still one of the most popular features of FIFA games, bringing EA hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year. Regardless, any free goodies for your Ultimate Team are always welcome, such as free packs. The free PS Plus Pack in Ultimate Team for FIFA 22 is one of the best yet! Here’s how and where to claim the Ultimate Team PS Plus Pack for FIFA 22.

How to Claim PS Plus Pack FIFA 22

How to Get Playstation Plus Pack on FIFA 22

The free PS Plus Pack is coming out right on time for the start of the Team of the Season (TOTS) promo, the biggest FIFA event of the year. Each major league will have their TOTS MEGA cards in FUT 22 packs, and players are patiently saving their packs. This is because some of the most important TOTS squads, such as the Premier League TOTS, are yet to be released.

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And if you claim now your free FUT 22 FIFA 22 pack via PS Plus membership, you can also save it until the Premier League TOTS release! And this free pack is no ordinary pack, it is one of the best and most valuable free packs ever given. It packs more value even compared to free Prime Gaming packs. So, what do you need to do to claim it? First things first, you need to be a PS Plus member. If you are, then simply follow this procedure:

  • Open the PS Store on your PlayStation.
  • Enter “FIFA 22 PS Plus” in the search bar and search for it.
  • Find the “FIFA 22 PlayStation Plus FUT Pack” in the add-ons section.
  • Select this box and “purchase” it for $/£0.00 (it’s free, purchasing is a formality).
  • Launch FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.
  • You will find your free pack in the store

And that’s it, you’ve successfully claimed your free FIFA 22 PlayStation Plus FUT Pack! This pack contains 11 players with a rating of 82. Good luck with unpacking and we wish you to get the players you need!

free FIFA 22 PlayStation Plus FUT Pack
Select the FIFA 22 PlayStation Plus FUT Pack and “buy” it for free
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