Daily Focus Playlist Destiny 2

The Guardian Games are once again upon us in Destiny 2. And, just like in Guardian Games 2021, this year’s GG also features the Daily Focus Playlist. However, many players are uncertain about what this is exactly, and, more importantly, where they can find and access it. And, since the way this works has been changed from the way it functioned last year, even players that are familiar with the DFP are stumped. We are going to everything you need to know about the Daily Focus Playlist in Destiny 2, including what it is and where and how to find it so that you can earn extra laurels. As we’ll see, it all begins with the “Best in Class” quest.

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Daily Focus Playlist Destiny 2

What is Daily Focus Playlist Destiny 2

The Daily Focus Playlist is a daily activity that is available during the Guardian Games. Completing this particular activity will get you bonus laurels. Once you hit 100% of that activity, you will have to wait until tomorrow to be able to earn extra laurels that way again.

Destiny 2 Daily Focus Playlist Icon Not Showing Up

Now, getting to see the Daily Focus was previously very easy. However, this has changed for this year’s Guardian Games. If you have played this before, you are probably wondering where the icon for the DFP is and why you can’t see it. The reason for this is that you need to complete the “Best in Class” quest first. To do this, go into your destinations screen first. At the top left corner of the screen, you will see which key you need to press for your input device (E on PC, for example). The “Best in Class” quest is here and it requires that you “Speak with Eva Levante.”

She can be found at The Tower. When you spawn in the Courtyard there, go directly ahead and you will see her. Speak with her to start the quest and then follow the objectives to complete it. After that, you will now be able to see the Daily Focus Playlist icon. Again, go to Destinations and press the key for your input device. This will bring up the Daily Focus task. Look for the Daily Focus icon on the planets or playlist activities to see where the Daily Focus activity is available.

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