How to Deploy Wingsuit & Climb Down Ladders in CoD Black Ops 4

Wingsuits and ladders are a big part of Blackout, the new battle royale mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. You’ll use the former to land safely, while the latter helps with getting to vantage points. Both are a source of confusion for beta players, since they’re a bit different than what we’re used to. This guide will show you how to deploy wingsuit & climb ladders in COD Black Ops 4.

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CoD Black Ops 4 How to Deploy Wingsuit & Climb Down Ladders

How to deploy wingsuit in Black Ops 4?

When you’re flying above the map in the chopper, you’ll need to deploy your wingsuit to get down to the ground. To do this, you need to press and hold Square. There were some reports of people being kicked out of the chopper without opening up the suit, which might happen when you just press the button without holding it. There’s also a bug where people end up dead as soon as they’re out of the helicopter – some claim this happens when you hit one of the other vehicles, but it’s most probably just a glitch.

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How to climb down ladders in Black Ops 4?

Ladders work a bit differently than you’d expect. There’s no button prompt when you approach a ladder. You simply walk into it, and your character grabs onto the bars and starts climbing. The issue a number of players have arises when you need to climb down one. If you simply walk into it, you’ll fall down. Instead, what you need to do is walk backwards towards the ladder, like you would in real life. You have to do it slowly, too. If you go too fast, you’ll fall down as well.

This leaves you vulnerable for several seconds at a time, so make sure you’ve scouted out the surroundings before you start.

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