Can You Deploy Wingsuit After First Landing in CoD Black Ops 4

The wingsuit is one of the new tools you’ll get to use in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. It’s used to land in the Blackout battle royale mode, and you’ll use it to navigate to the part of the map you want to start at. One of the questions players keep asking about it is if you can use it again after you’ve landed. We decided to test this, so we could tell you if you can deploy wingsuit after first landing in CoD Black Ops 4.

cod black ops 4 can you deploy wingsuit after first landing
CoD Black Ops 4 Can You Deploy Wingsuit After First Landing

Can you redeploy wingsuit in Black Ops 4?

In so many words – no. We’ve tried several times, by climbing high buildings and jumping off, but it ended in misery every time. There’s no way to redeploy the wingsuit after you’ve touched the ground for the first time. It makes sense, in a way. You’d need another parachute as well, since you discard the first one when you land. So yeah. Don’t try this at home. We did so you don’t have to.

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How to control wingsuit

When you’re up in the air, the controls for the wingsuit might confuse you. They’re different than what other games like Just Cause and Fortnite did, so they might take some getting used to. You can see them at the bottom of the screen at all times, which helps a lot. You use the left analogue stick to speed up or slow down, while the right stick is used for controlling the direction of flight. You can dive, turn and flare with it.

There’s also a bar on the right side of the screen that shows off your speed, but this seems more cosmetic than anything else. We haven’t managed to find a use for it, but it’s nice seeing how fast your going as you’re diving towards the ground.

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  1. D

    When you enter a helicopter and jump out of it in the air you can redeploy the wingsuit. But that’s the only possibility I found so far. You don’t have a parachute anymore then, you’re just landing directly out of your wingsuit.

  2. K

    Me and my friend were playing today, he jumped of a building and was able to redeploy. I followed him and jumped off the exact same building in the exact same place and died to fall damage.

  3. O

    the official game website vid which is on youtube shows the guy jumping off a building without parachute using only wingsuit

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