How to Get Clay in 7 Days to Die

Not sure how to get Clay in 7 Days to Die? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone! Being a survival post-apocalyptic, crafting is an essential feature of this immensely popular game. However, many things are not particularly well explained. In this guide, we explain where to find Clay in 7 Days to Die.

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How to Get Clay in 7 Days to Die
How to Get Clay in 7D2D

Where to Find Clay in 7 Days to Die

Survival game aficionados will almost unanimously say that 7 Days to Die is a certificated classic of the genre. Despite still technically being an early-access game, even after ten years, the game has sold 16 million copies to date. This unfathomable number, however, doesn’t come from the game’s approachability. Many years later there are still many mechanics that are simply not well explained in the game. For example, many players don’t know how to get Clay in 7 Days to Die. The game has these so-called Clay Soil items, which players can get while digging basically any ground dirt in the game.

However, it seems that many craftable items seemingly do not see these items in your inventory. Hence, how the hell do you get Clay, then? Well, it’s actually quite simple once you understand it. Namely, Clay as a resource in this game is not something you can hold in your inventory. You can only have Clay Soil in the inventory. And to get Clay as a material, you will need to put Clay Soil into the Forge.

You need to have a Forge crafted, put some fuel for the fire, and then put your Clay Soil in the Smelting section. This will melt your Clay Soil into a usable “Clay” material. The added material will now be listed under “Clay” among the Forge resources. This Clay is loaded into the forge, and you can spend it from there. It will not be visible in your regular inventory as an item. Any 7 Days to Die items that require Clay to be made also require to be made at the Forge.

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