How to Get No Rest for the Wicked Twitch Drops

If you want to know how to get the No Rest for the Wicked Twitch Drops, you’ve come to the right place. First off, we will give you a lost of all the Twitch rewards you can get for watching streams and how long you have to watch for in order for them to unlock. After that, we’ll take you through the process of claiming your rewards, step by step.

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how to get no rest for the wicked twitch drops
How to Get No Rest for the Wicked Twitch Drops

All No Rest for the Wicked Twitch Drop Rewards

There are four Twitch Drop rewards you can get for watching participating Twitch streams of No Rest of the Wicked. Well, four in this go; there was an earlier bunch of drops that ended in March. They are actually largely the same – one Armor Shard, one Weapon Shard, two Fallen Embers and an emote. Which is definitely more useful than the usual cosmetic bundles. Here’s the full list of rewards and how long you need to watch to unlock each of them.

  • Armor Shard (used to upgrade your armor of choice) – watch for one hour
  • Weapon Shard (used to upgrade your weapon of choice) – watch for two hours
  • Fallen Embers x2 (used as an offering to gain entry to the Cerim Crucible) – watch for three hours
  • “Flex” Gesture Emote (used as, well, an emote) – watch for four hours

How to Claim Twitch Drops in No Rest for the Wicked

The first step to claim and get the No Rest for the Wicked Twitch rewards is to watch streams that have drops enabled. Remember that you can watch any stream you want, and even hop from one to the other, as long as the drops are on. Next, go to your Twitch inventory and claim the items. Once that’s done, head to Captain Randolph in Sacrament (you meet him after the prologue), talk to him and select “Entitlements.” Lastly, access the browser window popup and authorize No Rest for the Wicked to access your Twitch. Return to the game and collect your items. It’s a winding road, but it’s worth it.

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