Hades 2 Technical Test Sign-Ups Open

If you want to get into Hades 2 early, get in line. No, I’m serious, get in line: Supergiant Games are letting people sign up for the technical test, aka the beta test. If you get the invite, you’ll be able to experience the first section of the game. with the caveat that the developers would appreciate it if you send them error reports if you encounter a crash. And the test will apparently last for a pretty long time, which I’m pretty excited for.

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hades 2 technical test sign-ups open
Hades 2 Technical Test Sign-Ups Open

Here’s the thing – I generally don’t apply for technical tests, beta tests, whatever you want to call them. I just prefer playing complete games; it’s a matter of personal preference. You better believe I already registered for the Hades 2 test, though. I simply can’t wait to see what Supergiant have in store for the sequel of one of my favorite games ever. If you want to be a part of this, head to the Hades 2 Steam page and hit that Request Access button. There’s sadly no guarantee you’ll get in, but the invites will come in waves, so don’t give up hope.

Now, how much of the game will you get to experience? The “first major area of the game, and other early-game characters, systems, and content.” If you’ve played the first game, imagine playing through Tartarus but not being able to go past the fight against the Furies. I assume there will be no limitation on how many times you can replay the section, though “the game will gently suggest that you discontinue play” after the first few times.

As for how long the test will last, Supergiant estimate it will be “longer than a week, shorter than a month.” And due to “structural differences with the Early Access version,” no save data will carry over from the technical test, so feel free to go ham. I know I will do my best to experience every single speck of content it will offer. If you want more details on the test, you can check out the official announcement.

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