How to Get Wheat Disney Dreamlight Valley

Don’t know where to find wheat seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley? We’ve got you covered! Disney Dreamlight Valley is a gorgeous new life-sim game with adventure elements. This Animal Crossing-like game has just entered early access, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of content to explore right away. Gardening is one such part of the game you’ll learn about early on. However, many players are having trouble finding wheat seeds, which you will need for some quests. In this guide, we explain how to get wheat in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as well as everything else you need to know about wheat farming.

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How to Get Wheat Disney Dreamlight Valley
Wheat Farming in Dreamlight Valley

How to Get Wheat Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Early on in the game, while you’re still learning about the game’s mechanics, you’ll talk with Mickey Mouse. He will be happy to see you as the Forgetting has left quite a mark on poor Mickey, who seems rather depressed. Among other things, Mickey will teach you about the art of gardening. He’ll give you some seeds, including wheat, in order to make Minnie’s Crackers and a Fruit Salad. You’ll get the basic explanation of gardening right there.

However, soon enough you’ll learn that finding seeds is not exactly an easy task. For example, Remy the Rat will have a series of friendship quests for you to help him in his restaurant makeover. Once you are done with it, you’ll need to help him restock the pantry. And among other things, Remy asks you to bring him a whopping x25 Wheat. Where to find all that Wheat in Disney Dreamlight Valley? The solution is actually rather simple, but it can be easy to miss it due to the way the game directs your progression through different Realms.

Namely, you can get wheat seeds at Goofy’s Stall. However, in order for Goofy to sell more products, what you need to do is to upgrade (improve) the shop (Goofy’s Stall). This can be done by clicking on an orange triangular sign next to the shop, with Scrooge McDuck on it. Scrooge McDuck will appear and you can give him 500 (1000 for the next upgrade) coins in order to improve the shop. Now click on a shop again, and you will be able to buy up to 100 Wheat seeds.

How to Get Wheat Disney Dreamlight Valley
Talk with Scrooge McDuck and pay him to upgrade the Stall.
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