Disney Dreamlight Valley Multiplayer Option

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been released in Early Access. This highly-anticipated game can best be described as a sort of Animal Crossing-like game with Disney characters. And, as we all know, a big part of why Animal Crossing is so popular is its multiplayer. Because of this, many Disney Dreamlight Valley players are asking whether or not the game has a multiplayer option. And if not, is multiplayer in the works and planned to be released at a later date? We’re going to answer all of these questions and more in this guide.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Multiplayer Option
Disney Dreamlight Valley Multiplayer Option

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley Multiplayer?

Currently, Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn’t have a multiplayer option. Of course, the game has only just been released in Early Access, so it’s only to be expected that some major features – including multiplayer – still haven’t been added to it. Though, according to the developers of the game, multiplayer is definitely being worked on and is going to be released at a later date. We still do not know if this is going to be before or after the full release (which is scheduled for sometime next year in 2023), but we will update this article as soon as more official information becomes available.

As for how this multiplayer will look like, rumors are that it is going to be very similar to the way it works in Animal Crossing. Only, instead of visiting other players’ islands, you are going to be visiting their customized Dreamlight Valley. In any case, there isn’t anything else we can do right now except be patient and wait until multiplayer has been added to the game. In the meantime, we invite you to check out some of our other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides, including how to increase inventory space, how to acquire Royal Tools, and which realm to visit first – Shy Robot, Little Chef or Demigod.

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