How to Increase Grasp in Hades 2

Can’t figure out how to increase your Grasp in Hades 2? I don’t blame you; it took me a bit before I figured it out. If there was a tool tip, I skipped over it by accident. That left me with a very limited amount of tarot cards I could have equipped at any given time. Thank goodness, I figured out how upgrading Grasp works fairly quickly. Now I’m here to share the knowledge with you. Let’s begin!

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how to increase grasp in hades 2
How to Increase Grasp in Hades 2

Hades 2 How to Increase Your Grasp

In order to increase your Grasp in Hades 2, you need to go to the Altar of Ashes, aka the place where you can meditate. It’s the area just outside the main rebel camp, where you talk with Odysseus, Nemesis and Hecate, but before you get to not-Skelly. Meditating at the altar lets you unlock new Tarot Cards and select which ones are active in between runs. These cards are basically the equivalent of the upgrades you unlocked at the Mirror of the Night as Zagreus. As in, they grant you various bonuses, like Death Defiance, starting of with more health and mana, etc. But the “problem” is that you can only have as many cards active as your Grasp allows.

And that’s why yo need to increase your Grasp in Hades 2 – the more tarot cards you have going, the easier your life will be. And to do that, click on Melinoe’s portrait in the top right, then hit the Upgrade button. That’s all there is to it. Well, not exactly – it costs Psyche each time, and the price goes up the more Grasp you have. There are two ways you can get Psyche. The first and most common is to clear rooms that have the Psyche symbol on the door (the green fireballs). The second way is to carry the Tablet of Peace as your Gathering Tool. This item lets you get significant amounts of Psyche for Lone Shades you find on your runs.

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