Crusader Kings 3 Offering Free Weekend

Crusader Kings is not an easy franchise to get into. I once made a huge mistake of impulse-purchasing Crusader Kings 2 with all the DLCs and then epically failed to wrap my head around it. But it has a large, rabid fan base that it absolutely deserves, because it is an incredible series. No other grand strategy / political sim is as painstakingly detailed. And if you’re interested in seeing what all the fuss is about, you can try it out for free on Steam between May 10th and May 12th, 2024.

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crusader kings 3 offering free weekend
Crusader Kings 3 Offering Free Weekend

Crusader Kings 3 Has a Free Weekend and Huge Discount

Three days is going to be plenty to get a feel of what Crusader Kings 3 is all about and whether it’s for you, trust me. It took me only a few hours with Crusader Kings 2. And if you like what you’re seeing, then you can purchase the full game for twenty bucks, which is a 60% discount. If you still need some time to digest it, that’s fine: the price will remain slashed until May 23rd, 2024. Even though this type of game is not for me, I still strongly recommend that you give it a shot. And even if you struggle to play it “properly,” there’s plenty of self-made fun to be had. For example, by trying to make the stupidest king that has ever walked the earth and also looks like Groucho Marx.

Now, of course, the “real” way to play any Crusader Kings is to take charge of a specific medieval dynasty and lead it through generations of rulers, conquering, warring, engaging in diplomacy, etc. All the while, you’re trying to get heirs to which you will pass your genetic traits and secure the future for your family. If that comes from a well-planned political marriage, all the better. And then you get bored and try to create a creature that’s so inbred it might as well be deli meat.

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