How To Ping In Back 4 Blood

The Back 4 Blood Open Beta is here and, besides the usual assortment of errors and similar issues, players are also wondering about other things in the game, such as how to ping. The ping system has become all but indispensable in online co-op shooters such as this. It allows you to quickly point your teammates in the right direction, and mark important things such as loot or enemy spots. As such, it’s ideal for players who aren’t using voice chat (for example, because they are playing late and can’t talk too loudly). In any case, understanding how to ping in Back 4 Blood is something that every player should know, and we will explain how this can be done right here.

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How To Ping In Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood: How to Ping

To be able to ping in Back 4 Blood, all you need to do is to press a single button. Of course, this command is different depending on which gaming system you are playing on. The default key binding for this is: Q on the PC, L1 on the PlayStation, and LB on the Xbox. Of course, you can also set this command to some other button, as well as on a controller, if you have one connected to your PC. And, if you are a console player, you have another way which you can use to ping. Press up on the d-pad of your controller. This will bring up a radial menu. On the right side of this radial menu, there are options to ping where you are aiming.

Once you press this, whatever you are currently aiming at will be marked. So, this means that you can ping things such as enemies, weapons, ammo, attachments, and other such loot. Mastering how to ping in Back 4 Blood will be of great use to you and your entire team.

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