How to Play FIFA 22 With EA Play - Early Access

FIFA 22 is around the corner and if you are wondering how to play before release, with EA play early access you can. You will get a limited time to trial the game. In a year full of on and off-pitch football antics, this is bound to reflect in the many new updates. It is time to clear your weekend as you only get a limited 20 hours of play. Read on as we describe how to play FIFA 22 with EA play – early access.

How to Play FIFA 22 With EA Play - Early Access
How to Play FIFA 22 With EA Play – Early Access

How to Play FIFA 22 With EA Play – Get Early Access

Early access for FIFA 22 begins on Wednesday, September the 23rd, meaning you can play now. This is a whole week ahead of its release on October the 1st. Usually, 10 hours of early access play get provided. This year the amount doubles to a full 20 hours. Once used up, you then must wait until the official release date.

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To get early access you need to sign up for an EA Play account. This will cost $4.99 for a month, or you can save by buying a whole year at $29.99. You can also save 10% by pre-ordering the game.

Once you have paid for the subscription, pre-order the game. Load it up, and when installed you should be able to get the EA Play early access.  Your 20 hours will begin once it has been downloaded so make the most of it. On Xbox, do this by heading to the ‘My Games and App’ section and find ‘All Purchased Games.’ On PS5 go to the ‘Games Home’ menu.

Playing early will allow you to trial the brand-new features and iterations in this classic game franchise. It will also help you work out any bugs and fixes ahead of release. Crucially, you can get in some much-needed practice ahead of your friends.

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