NBA 2K22 Tattoos Disappearing Bug Fix

The NBA 2K22 tattoos disappearing bug fix is luckily pretty simple to pull off. There’s a simple set of steps you can follow in-game to get your tattoos back, and it shouldn’t cost you anything extra. Considering the other errors and glitches NBA 2K22 has to offer, you’re getting off easy if this is the one you get. So, let’s explain how to fix the tattoos disappearing bug.

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nba 2k22 tattoos disappearing bug fix
NBA 2K22 Tattoos Disappearing Bug Fix

How to Fix Tattoos Disappearing Bug in NBA 2K22

To fix the bug causing tattoos to disappear in NBA 2K22, all you have to do is go to the tattoo shop where you got them in the first place. Talk to the person at the counter, and sometimes, the tattoos will come right back. If not, you should be able to just replace them at no extra charge from the shop menu. The bottom line is, the glitch doesn’t un-purchase your tattoos; it’s more of a visual glitch that you should be able to fix relatively easily. If it should so happen that the cosmetics you’ve spent your hard-earned VC on do disappear permanently and you can’t place them again for free, then you will unfortunately have to contact 2K support, which is a nightmare in and off itself. However, it most likely won’t come to that.

This glitch is just one of many, many different issues you can run into in this game. In fact, the NBA 2K22 tattoos disappearing bug fix is one of the more benign situations you can find yourself in. There are bugs that can actually lock you out of progressing in certain quests and whatnot. The game is a bit of a mess, if I’m being completely honest. That’s what we’ve got a bunch of other guides covering some of the glitches you might encounter, such as The Come Up – Toe the Line Quest Bug, Kendrick Perkins Quest Bug Solutions, and 6f8ce31b & 727e66ac Error Code Fix. They’re there in case you need them.

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