How to Pressure Enemy FF7 Rebirth

Can’t figure out how to pressure an enemy in FF7 Rebirth? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this guide, we are going to show you how the pressure mechanic works and give you tips on how to trigger it with at least some degree of certainty. Let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

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how to pressure enemy ff7 rebirth
How to Pressure Enemy FF7 Rebirth

How to Pressure an Enemy in FF7 Demo?

There are universal ways to pressure an enemy in the FF7 Rebirth demo, but the approach does vary from foe to foe. Basically, you need to do either a large amount of damage at once or repeatedly hit them with whatever their weakness is. You’re trying to get them to lunge at you, then dodge out of the way, or just collapse. You want that stagger bar full. If you pull it off properly, the enemy will entered the pressured state, which is just a fancy way of saying they’re staggered. In other words, they’re temporarily entirely defenseless. This is where you come in and hit them with the strongest attacks you have in your arsenal. It might not finish the monster off, but it will make the fight significantly easier.

So, those are the general rules of how to pressure an enemy in the FF7 Rebirth demo, but as we’ve mentioned, it can depend on who or what you’re fighting. Be sure to Assess every enemy (or at least major enemies) to see what their weaknesses are, then exploit them as much as you can. One method that seems to be pretty universal is using Tifa. The Focus Strikes she can do builds the stagger meter real quick. Reverse gale is also pretty good, and if dodging is necessary, Unbridled Strength x3 works wonders. But, again, it highly depends on the enemy. The Cacophonic Corvid, for example, is really vulnerable to Cloud’s Aero ability. That’ll make it lunge at you, which you can then dodge for the creature to get into the pressured state.

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