How to Reroll in Echoes of Mana

Echoes of Mana is a new free-to-play mobile action RPG. The latest entry in the long-running Mana series, Echoes of Mana is the first new game (not counting remakes) since Rise of Mana was released in 2014. As such, fans of the series are very eager to play it. EoM follows the standard mobile JRPG formula, where the game is 2D in presentation and you and your teammates travel around the world, battling powerful monsters as you go. If you are new to this series – and type of game in general – you might not know how to reroll in Echoes of Mana. Well, we’re here to explain this process and help you understand it.

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How to Reroll in Echoes of Mana

How to Reroll in Echoes of Mana

Reroling, specifically in role-playing games, refers to the process of creating new characters until you get the ones with the properties or stats that you are happy with. It has its roots in old pen and paper RPGs, where your character’s stats would be determined by rolling the dice. In the earliest editions of these games, you had to accept the results no matter what they were. However, later changes made it so that you could reroll the dice (usually a limited number of times) to get a better result. You can also do something similar in Echoes of Mana, so let’s see what this process looks like there.

To begin with, download the game on your mobile device and start the game. You will be able to begin the rerolling process once you get to the village. Look for User Services in the lower right bottom of the screen. Press the “Delete User Data” option and confirm it. Doing this will delete all the data up until that point and allow you to reroll. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck this time.

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