How to Unlock Modern Warfare 2 Beta Rewards

What are the Modern Warfare 2 beta rewards? And how to unlock COD MW2 beta rewards? These are the questions you are probably asking if you are planning on playing the Modern Warfare II beta this September. In order to incentivize the COD community to participate in the MW2 open beta, Activision is introducing a host of beta rewards. Here’s how to unlock Modern Warfare 2 beta rewards and keep them for the full release. Also, we explain if you can use them in Warzone 2 when it releases.

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How to Unlock Modern Warfare 2 Beta Rewards

How to Claim COD Modern Warfare 2 Beta Rewards

No matter if you’ve preordered COD MW2 and playing in early access, or playing the open beta, you will be able to claim the rewards. Furthermore, these rewards are not platform-based. No matter if you play the beta on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, you will be able to unlock the beta rewards. The rewards are distributed over two weekends. But, the weekend 1 rewards will also be available during the second open beta weekend. With that said, here are all Modern Warfare 2 beta rewards:

  • Weekend 1 Rewards
    • Emblem: “Smashed It”: Unlocks at Operator Level 2
    • Charm: “Buckle Up”: Unlocks at Operator Level 4
    • Player Cards: “Passed the Test”: Unlocks at Operator Level 6
    • Sticker: “Operation First Blood”: Unlocks at Operator Level 10
    • Weapon Blueprint: “Side Impact”: Unlocks at Operator Level 15
  • Weekend 2 Rewards (With Weekend 1 rewards also available)
    • Operator Skin: “Collision”: Unlocks at Operator Level 18
    • Vinyl: “No Competition”: Unlocks at Operator Level 19
    • Sticker: “Safety First”: Unlocks at Operator Level 21
    • Vehicle Skin: “Floor It”: Unlocks at Operator Level 26
    • Weapon Blueprint: “Frontal Impact”: Unlocks at Operator Level 30
How to Unlock Modern Warfare 2 Beta Rewards
All Modern Warfare 2 Beta Rewards

In regard to how to claim these rewards, it’s rather self-explanatory, really. Simply level up an Operator to a level required to unlock a specific reward during the beta and you will unlock that item. This can be done during both beta weekends, both during open and early access and on any platform. Once you claim them, they will be bonded to your Activision account. And, when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 fully releases, you will have them available. And, you will also be able to use them in Warzone 2 when the next Call of Duty battle royale title launches.

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