Hunt Showdown Death Cheat Not Removed When Character Dies

If Hunt Showdown Death Cheat isn’t being removed on the death of a Hunter after the Tide Of Shadows update, you are one of many players currently experiencing this game-breaking bug. Here’s what we know about this infinite and unlimited Death Cheat bug in Hunt Showdown.

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Hunt Showdown Death Cheat Not Removed When Character Dies
Hunt Showdown Infinite Death Cheat Bug (Image Credit: u/LegendOfZanni via Reddit)

Hunt Showdown Death Cheat Stays on Hunter after Death Bug

The Tide Of Shadows update is here, and it comes with a myriad of new content for players to explore. And players are definitely pleased with the update, as the game has just broken the record for the most concurrent players on Steam since its release. However, there are bugs. And some are rather game-breaking, like the one where you spawn with the enemy trio. Another, however, seems to be ever more destructive for the game’s economy. Namely, players have discovered a bug which allows you to have infinite and unlimited Death Cheats.

I assume its a bug, but I activated death cheat as my last slot trait on Carcass Gunrunner and I’ve lost him four matches in a row, yet the trait doesn’t get deleted“, wrote Reddit user ronan88. Another user, that goes by name LordSweetpants, shared a similar experience. “So my teammate and I both have hunters with seemingly infinite death cheats. We got 3 event points, pledged to Grounded, and bought death cheat all in the same game. In the next game, we died and got the popup saying death cheat was removed, but it wasn’t. In the next game, we got ambushed and died in the first 5 minutes, didn’t earn any event points and didn’t re-buy death cheat, but we still have our hunters and it still says they have death cheat.

At the time of writing, no one is sure what is causing this glitch. However, it seems to be easily reproducible. We reckon the developers will deploy a hotfix to patch out this soon. Nevertheless, in the meantime, enjoy your infinite Hunt Showdown Death Cheats!

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