Hunt Showdown No Rain Effect, Rain Not Showing Glitch

Following the latest Hunt Showdown update, many players report hearing the heavy rain but not seeing it. In addition, for some players, the rain is visible, but it looks like black stripes, like it’s raining oil and not water. If you can’t see the rain effect in Hunt Showdown, here’s what we know about the rain not showing up issue.

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Hunt Showdown No Rain Effect, Rain Not Showing Glitch
Rain Effect Missing Hunt Showdown (Image Credit: u/Grimmylock via Reddit)

Hunt Showdown Rain Not Showing Glitch, Rain Effect Not Visible

The Tide of Shadows update is here, and it comes with a lot of heavy summer rain. And so far, judging by the shared opinion of the players around the web, it seems that there is a consensus that it looks and feels awesome to play during the rainfall. However, as with many other new additions in this massive update, it seems that there are quite a few bugs. Namely, there are numerous reports on Reddit that rain effects are not behaving as they should. Here’s what we know about this “Hunt Showdown No Rain” bug.

“My rain is only visible for a few short moments and it cuts in and out occasionally, but for the most part I’m not seeing it,” wrote Reddit user Cboy505. “Anyone else getting this bug and has anyone found a fix if so?” Another Reddit user, that goes by the name Ki775witch, reports a similar issue. “Yesterday, after playing on a map with rain, I joined another match. It was a nighttime map without rain, yet the sound of falling rain was still there,” they explain. “This happened multiple times in a row.”

Aside from the invisible rain glitch, there’s another one. Namely, some players report that the rain is black and looks more like oil then rain. At the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be a working solution for these issues. Nonetheless, we will follow the situation closely and add any potential fixes. Hopefully, the developers will fix this “Hunt Showdown No Rain” glitch soon.

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