Inscryption Clock Puzzle in the Cabin Solution

Inscryption, the newest game by Pony Island and The Hex designer Daniel Mullins, is finally out. An intriguing combination of horror adventure, deck building, and rouguelike elements, Inscryption is truly a unique game. But like its predecessors, it’s also a hard one, full of hard to figure out puzzles. One of these puzzles involves the clock, and you will need to solve it if you want to complete the game. If you are having trouble with it, our Inscryption Clock Puzzle in the Cabin Solution guide will explain what you need to do.

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Inscryption Clock Puzzle in the Cabin Solution

How to Solve Inscryption Clock Puzzle

Go to the cuckoo clock and interact with it. What you need to do here is to set the clock to 11:00. As soon as you do this, a secret compartment will open, and you will find a golden ring inside. Next, open the chest using the key from the safe. After that, finish the combat puzzle on the bottom left. This will open the shelf and you will get the Caged Wolf card. What you need to do now is to play as many combat encounters as possible using the Wolf Card and get it eliminated from taking too much damage. The wooden wolf figurine which is behind the narrator has now been freed thanks to this.

Once this figurine is in your possession, find a device with a wooden squirrel figurine that’s holding a dagger. Place the wooden wolf figurine opposite the wooden squirrel figurine and you will get the dagger. Now, in the next combat encounter where you will definitely win, use the dagger on your right eye to pluck it out. As soon as you finish this encounter, you will get the chance to choose another eye to replace your old one. Pick out the eye with the blue glow and shifting symbols around it. Go to the clock again. Thanks to your new eye, you will now be able to see the correct position to which you need to move the clock hands. This is how you solve the Inscryption Clock Puzzle in the Cabin.

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