Tag Team GTA Online - How to Participate in Tag Team

You need to know how to participate in a Tag Team in GTA V Online to complete daily events, and a tag team match is actually pretty fun! Played out in arena war, there are three tag team activities. All involve smashing up cars driven by the opposition team. Before you can succeed though, you do need to grab the right partner. Follow our guide as we tell you how to participate in tag team battles.

Tag Team GTA Online - How to Participate in Tag Team
Tag Team GTA Online – How to Participate in Tag Team

GTA has always been a solitary game, even during online play. Tag team opens that up and makes you work in tandem with others to claim objectives. When you select a partner, you will be fighting against 14 other players split into 8 teams. Of these teams, each has one player in the arena at any one time. The game is a demolition derby. You need to destroy the opponent by smashing into them and destroying their vehicles.

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Once destroyed, or even if you are watching, you will go to the spectating room. This is the place where non-players in arena modes tend to hang out. From here you can try again or go to another mode.

How to Participate in Tag Team GTA V Online

The trickier path to taking part is to visit the Maze Bank Arena. Take part in the arena war modes that are there. Eventually, you will get placed in tag team mode.

An easier way is to navigate to the online tab. Scroll down to ‘Job’ select the ‘Play Job’ sub-menu, take the next ‘Rockstar Created’ and ‘Arena War.’ From here you will see the tag team activities you can take part in. There are three in total on GTA V online. Click confirm and you can begin your arena war challenge.

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