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With Escape from Tarkov patch 12.4 Interchange map got much needed new extraction points and Saferoom is one of them. To not make things simple Battlestate Games made a puzzle out of it. To be able to use this extraction point the game tells you to close the door. It doesn’t tell you which door needs to be closed. We have the solution to the Saferoom extraction puzzle and all the steps you need to do in order to complete it.

escape from tarkov interchange saferoom exfil extract guide

Where is the Saferoom extraction point on Interchange

There’s a locked door near the hole in the floor next to Rasmussen electronics store. Interchange got an overhaul and there’s now a connection between the east and the west garages at the C entrance. Go dowwn the hole from Rasmussen and turn left going towards the new hole in the wall. Left of the hole is the Saferoom exfil door. To open it it says you have to close the door. This will require several steps.

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saferoom exfil door location and map

How to enter Saferoom and close the door on Tarkov 12.4 Interchange?

You will have to eliminate Killa and hopefully get the new key that he drops. The key is called Object #11SR keycard and is currently 7 million at the flea market. It has 15 uses. To use it you will have to turn on power at the power plant. When you exit the offices at the power plant on the wall to the right is a switch that lets you turn the power on in the whole shopping mall. From there go to the second floor of Ultra and go to the Burger Spot. There’s a urinal there that you can flush if the power is on. Once you flush it a keypad will appear. Use the keycard on it. This opens the Saferoom door. Go to the parking lot through the Rasmussen hole and reach the Safehouse. Once you enter close the door behind you and extraction should commence.

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