Tarkov Hole in Fence, Saferoom, Scav Camp Interchange 12.4 new extract locations map

New extract locations have been added to Interchange map in Escape from Tarkov with patch 12.4. They are called Hole in Fence, Saferoom and Scav Camp. To help you locate these exits we will show you the location of each of them and tell you about the prerequisites for each of them. This might help a bit with the biggest problem Interchange had and that is exfil camping.

Hole in Fence Interchange extract location in Escape from Tarkov 12.4

Hole in the Fence exit on Interchange is located about half way between the Power Station and Emercom exit. It is, as the name suggests, a hole in the fence on the east side of the map. To be able to exfil through here you will have to not wear a backpack. This is a mechanic we’ve seen on other maps. It is particularly unpleasant for Interchange because getting a full backpack of loot is the main point of Interchange.

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interchange hole in fence extract location map escape from tarkov

Tarkov Scav Camp Interchange extract location map

Battlestate remains adamant that Scavs and PMCs should be friends. This is why Scav Camp exit on Interchange requires you to have either a friendly Scav (if you’re a PMC) or a friendly PMC (if you’re a Scav) present to be able to exit here. This is located directly across the main entrance into the Ultra shopping mall. Reach the fence opposite of the main entrance. This is where you usually have several Scavs patrolling among abandoned trucks and shipping containers. Among a couple of those shipping containers is the Scav Camp exit introduced in Tarkov 12.4.

tarkov interchange scav camp extraction location map

Safe Room Exit Tarkov Interchange

The third extraction point is Saferoom, but before you can use this one the game will tell you to close the door. The problem is you don’t know how to close the door. If you want to solve this puzzle by yourself we’ll give you just a small hint – find Object #11SR keycard. If you need detailed explanation, take a look at our guide How to enter Saferoom in Interchange and close the door.

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