Invisible Name Among Us - Blank Name

Invisible name in Among Us is a trick you can perform to confuse the other players. If done right, it will leave you with a blank name above your character. Some consider it useful, since your crewmates can’t refer to you by name – but they can just use your color. On the other hand, having no name floating above you allows you to hide in more places. Either way, it’s a cool trick. This guide will show you how to get invisible name in Among Us, so you can mess with others.

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invisible name among us blank name
Invisible Name Among Us – Blank Name

No Name in Among Us

First of all, this trick doesn’t work on PC, only on mobile. It used to work in the PC version as well, but it was patched. With that in mind, the mobile version is probably going to have it pathed out at some point, too. In other words, you should hurry up if you want to see it in action.

no name among us

Getting no name above your head is done by making your name a single character – a special Unicode character that isn’t contained in the game’s font, so it can’t be shown. It probably works with any Unicode character not supported by Among Us, but the one we’ve tried is Hangul Filler (U+3164). All you need to do is copy the character from a database (like this one) and paste it into the name slot when starting a new match.

And that’s it! Now you have your very own invisible name, which is bound to confuse others. It does make you a prime suspect in the hunt for the impostor, though. Why would a law-abiding astronaut hide their name from scrutiny? What could they possibly gain? That’s a good way to get a one way ticket to the air lock.

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