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among us no visor mod

Among Us No Visor Mod

Among Us No Visor mod is a new mod in the game that brings to life a creepypasta and lets you play as a ghost…

among us phantom

Among Us Phantom

Phantom is a new role in Among Us. It allows you to keep playing after you’ve died – only then will your true work start….

among us clean toilet task in lounge

Among Us Clean Toilet Task in Lounge

Clean Toilet Lounge task in Among Us is a new task added in the Airship map, and people are having trouble figuring out how to…

turn off quick chat in among us

Turn Off Quick Chat in Among Us

Among Us Quick Chat is a new system that the developers have implemented, which bars younger players (and those without an account) from talking freely…

among us change account name

Change Account Name Among Us

Among us change account name is an issue that has popped up after the Airship update. A lot of players are getting saddled with random…

halloween hats in among us

Halloween Hats in Among Us

Among Us Halloween hats are customization items in the game that are, as you can guess horror-themed and spooky, and people are wondering how to…