Is inZOI Multiplayer - Can You Play inZOI With Friends?

Will there be inZOI multiplayer mode? Krafton’s next game is a stunningly beautiful life simulation game which could become a serious competition to The Sims franchise once it launches in late 2024. Aside from a trailer and some early gameplay footage, we haven’t really seen or heard much about this game currently. Nevertheless, many fans of life sim games are already asking the most important question: Can you play inZOI with friends online? Read on as we explain everything we currently know.

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inZOI Multiplayer, Can You Play inZOI With Friends?
inZOI Multiplayer, Can You Play inZOI With Friends?

February 8th Update: This article was updated with the latest information about the inZOI Multiplayer mode. We’ve checked the latest news and rumours about the game and updated the article accordingly. For all the details regarding the ability to Play inZOI with friends, please continue reading.

Will inZOI Have Multiplayer Mode?

Multiplayer fans, rejoice! The early version of the game may not have online features yet, but the developers have assured that they are working on them. The Sims 4 influencer Emma Nicole, who is a popular YouTuber, has revealed that Krafton is creating different multiplayer modes for the game. She and other life sim experts had a chance to chat with inZOI developers and learn more about their plans. They told her that they are making progress on inZOI multiplayer features.

According to one of Emma’s video descriptions, Krafton is working on various multiplayer features. She specifies things such as “the ability to meet up with other online players or invite them over to your home”. For now, that’s all we currently know. Keep in mind that Krafton is a South Korean-based company. Hence, the information flow might be slower than usual due to the language barrier and different markets. Nevertheless, we will make sure to update the article as soon as we learn new details. What would you like to see added as a multiplayer feature in inZOI? Tell us in the comments section!

Can You Play inZOI With Friends Online?

Multiplayer features are in the works for inZOI, but we don’t have much information about them yet. Playing with friends would be a great way to enjoy the game, but we only know that Krafton is developing online options. We are not sure if you can invite your friends to join you or if you will encounter other players randomly. Therefore, we can’t give you any details at this point. We are confident that Krafton will let you play inZOI with friends eventually, but we need to wait for their official announcement. Once we learn more, we will make sure to update the article. Krafton’s life sime inZOI is set to launch in late 2024.

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